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We Provide Strong And Durable Shadeport Services In Cape Town And Surrounding Areas

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Cape Town Shade Ports are professional service providers In Cape Town that offers commercial shade sail structures, which provide outdoor shade solutions for retail, hospitality, school and recreational centres – essentially any customer seeking rooftop shade.

Shade sails for commercial organisations looking for a more effective means of providing shaded areas than conventional fixed structures or umbrellas. The concept was developed to create an instant shading area without the complications associated with fixed structures.

Because they are portable shade structure systems, they can be moved to suit the needs of the venue’s customers, further benefiting the business. Cape Town Shade Ports also export internationally.


Shade Ports help to control the light in an area, while also adding extra coverage. Decreasing or increasing shade can counteract harsh or glare lighting. Other uses for shade ports are to provide privacy for parts of your home while maintaining visibility. The function of a shade port can be used in reducing glare from direct sunlight, improving the quality of light in the area, controlling light levels by obstructing unwanted light or simply controlling the amount of light that enters into space by providing additional coverage.

At Cape Town Shade Ports, our purpose is to provide shade fabric solutions and services in Cape Town to replace regular fabric shades. Shade ports are ideal for big projects that require large gores of shade fabric customised to the architect’s design goals. These goals can range from controlling harsh sunlight, adding privacy or screening views.

If you have any questions about your shade port needs, please contact us. We offer sales, installation and repairs respectively.


Carports in Cape Town are structures that are used to shelter automobiles that work on the same principles as ordinary housing. The main use of carports is to make sure you don’t get your cars damaged by the sun, humidity and rain. Although they are quite simple structures, carports can be made more appealing by customising them with extras like cornice work, columns, etc. It may also be made in a triangular form instead of rectangular. Most importantly, There is a list of things you can do while designing your home building project to ensure that your dream of having the latest carport becomes true.

Cape Town Shade Ports is a Cape Town based service company that has been providing quality carports, garage structures, canopy roofing and concrete parking structures in Cape Town. We are one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers for all your carport needs. Our glazed panelled roofs are made of galvanised steel or stainless steel with aluminium tracks. Glazed panels can be added to any of our carports, temporary bus shelters or shade structures.

Our products include Carport Canopy, Car Park Garages, Car covers, Do it Yourself Canopy Kits, Outdoor shade structures, portable gazebos, Shade sails units and Temporary bus shelters. Call us for a free quotation.


Solar Car Ports are a popular alternative in Cape Town to a regular carport service. Whether you have a big space or a small space, we share the same problem of where to park our beloved cars. While regular carports take up a lot of space, solar carports are the perfect fit for your home and if installed well by professionals, may be used even when it is raining.

An ideal solution for anyone who wants to give their car that additional protection from the elements while allowing them to enjoy their backyards or patios, today’s carport kits offer a level of functionality not possible in the past. 

What makes a good solar carport?

• Solar panels generate electricity during the day, converting energy from sunlight into usable power for your house.

• Using a “smart” system adapts its pitch to take maximum advantage of natural light throughout the year. This means less solar power is produced in winter when the need is greater. In summer, when the Sun is higher in the sky, more power is generated.

• Integrated heating gives you instant warmth from cold ambient air PLUS warm air from your car pipes! Warm air vanishes into thin air but this panel is also an instant heat source! For example; assume a typical London ice bucket water is 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) at night-time. This will pay for itself in heating alone in most months of the year even without any power production.

At We support our products with weatherproof guarantees (and most panels range -5C to + 30C). Contact us for a free quotation.



We take pride in our work here at Cape Town Shade Ports; ensuring your satisfaction is key to our business success. Our experience in the industry guarantees that your shade port project will be installed accurately and efficiently. We service all major cities throughout Cape Town and neighbouring areas.


A patio is a great way to mark an extension of your home. This can lead to an additional outdoor living space, which is enjoyable during the summer months. A patio is not only useful, but it also gives you an extra room for entertaining friends and family. Patios are relatively inexpensive to build and don’t take particularly long to complete.

There are lots of benefits of having a patio; however, if you aren’t sure how to go about the process of building one as well as building one with enough shade to protect you and your family from the elements then give us a call for a comprehensive quote.

Cape Town Shade Ports provide high-quality Patio covers and Awning services to all areas in and around Cape Town. Don’t hesitate to contact us or request a free quotation.


Walkway covers are the best way to improve your outdoor environment. When you want to maintain a healthy, natural outdoor atmosphere at your business or home, use one of these attractive synthetic building materials to cover any bare walkways or walk up steps. Synthetic walkway covers are practical and easy to install in almost an instant, for both commercial or residential environments.

At Cape Town Shade Ports we offer a wide range of outdoor walled and roofed areas services that can create a safer and nicer living or working environment. Our products are designed to combine the aesthetic qualities of your home or corporation with the attributes necessary for practical use and durability.

Are you looking to install outdoor walkway covers in Cape Town? Then you have come to the right place. We specialise in all kinds of outside covers to fit your needs and taste. Contact us to know more about our aluminium walkway cover installation and other services.


Cape Town Shade Ports is the leading local company offering shade sails services in Cape Town. Our company boasts of an experienced team of installers, designers and repairers. After doing thorough research on Local Shade Sail Companies, we at Cape Town Shade Port are now able to offer you custom made shade sails to suit your needs. Shade sails can be installed for commercial purposes or just for your use.

Custom Shade sails made to measure and design

We provide all kinds of shade sails for your home or business. Our team of technicians are here to help make shade sails ready for installation. We offer a wide range of fabrics and materials to cater to your needs.

Shade Sail repairs and Aluminium Composite window repairs. Our technicians at Cape Town Shade Ports care about providing you with the best service possible, whether you require a new shade sail or want it repaired we will get on top of it as soon as possible! We carry all types of material and can restore any kind of broken shade sail.



We take pride in our work here at Cape Town Shade Ports; ensuring your satisfaction is key to our business success. Our experience in the industry guarantees that your Shade Port project will be installed accurately and efficiently. We service all major cities throughout Cape Town and neighbouring areas.